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May 10th, 2010


A perfect storm has been created by a series of earthly events recently which have exposed a few of the true evils underlying amongst America’s cultural undercurrents; guilt, elitism and racism.

We’re a sick, pathetic society at times. Fueled by mis-reporting and underreporting by a lame media that stretches from the USA Today far past Fox News, our culture has ignored the suffering of its fellow citizens while playing right into the narrative of America being a guilty nation and bending over backwards to send money to a wasted piece of God’s earth which has no chance of thriving anytime in our lifetime.

Chances are you have little idea what I’m talking about. That’s equally as pathetic. No doubt you are aware that Haiti suffered what we’re told we must believe is a “horrible, awful, catastrophic” earthquake a few months ago, bringing an already “delicate” country on shaky foundations crumbling back down to third world status. Oh, the humanity. God knows that you couldn’t escape the massive media coverage of the Haiti earthquake for days, nay weeks, afterwards.

Chances are equally as likely that you are unaware of the suffering of American citizens at the hands of mother nature as well; at the time of this writing the death toll in Tennessee as a result of massive flooding has reached 19 people; not just people but American citizens (unlike, say…Haitians!); and the death toll from the entire area (Kentucky and Mississippi are affected as well) is over 30 Americans and the damage to one of America’s most historic and beautiful places in monstrous. Landmarks and destination resorts will remain closed until Christmas and the price tag of the devastation will eclipse $1 billion, with many of the victims not being covered on their insurance policies against flooding (as is true of the overwhelming majority of Americans).

Yet while telethons were hurriedly rushed onto the international airwaves to beg for money to help the people in Haiti while thousands of journalists broadcast live from Port Au Prince daily, seemingly no one is doing anything to report, pay attention to, or bring light to Tennessee. Anderson Cooper, of CNN, traveled to Nashville last week, days after the flooding, to finally report on the suffering, but only after country music singer Kenny Chesney made a live video phone call to Cooper’s show demanding to know where the media was. While better late than never may be an age-old expression, it is not a credible way to run a news organization.

So why the disconnect? Why is Tennessee ignored while Haiti and New Orleans are fawned over? Because Tennessee is nothing but a bunch of white, racist, uneducated, redneck, gun-toting, bible-thumping hicks that drive pickups and burn crosses. New Orleans, meanwhile, is filled with poor, desperate, African Americans and immigrants who are just trying to get ahead in life but who have never been given a fair chance and are held down by racist, bigoted policies supported by white, racist, uneducated, redneck, gun-toting, bible-thumping hicks. Haiti, meanwhile, is the most beautiful island on earth, yet America has ignored its glorious neighbor to the south and allowed it to waste away aimlessly and recklessly, rather than supporting and lifting up the island of dark skinned people that are good, honest, hard working folks who just want to get ahead in life and should be given the chance by America since we have so much and they have so little. (Note; you are supposed to ignore the $5 billion sent to Haiti in financial aid by America in the decade preceding the earthquake. Please do not allow facts to get in the way of your hypocritical elitist racism).

I have traveled to Tennessee half a dozen times in my adult life. I have never been to New Orleans or Haiti and plan on never going based solely on the human sludge that has been paraded before us in both places ad nauseum; wretched, vile human beings with their hands out blaming the government while expecting that same government to save them from their miserable, self created rotten existence. The people of Haiti and New Orleans are the exact same people; lazy dirt bags unwilling to take advantage of the endless array of opportunity before them and first in line to blame everyone else for their lot in life and feel entitled to a solution being handed to them.

Tennessee folks, meanwhile, say things like “thank you,” and “sir” or “ma’am.” They shake your hand firmly while looking you in the eye, politely and respectfully disagree with you when there’s dissention and expect nothing from you in return other than kindness and earned respect. Whether they love Jesus or their pick-up trucks they go about their business, most of them barely getting by, but doing it on their own with a sense of pride unknown and unmatched in most parts of America. They neither ask for, nor in most cases, accept hand-outs, demanding to earn everything they achieve. Like so many people in what elitist snobs like to call “flyover country,” they are the salt of the Earth and the heart of the nation and we do everything we can to ignore them, demean them, marginalize them and mock them.

When an oil spill headed towards the shores of New Orleans creating an ecological disaster for business and birds, President Obama couldn’t get on TV fast enough to pledge his support and promise to fly to the area and view the devastation.

When a flood wiped out honest, hard working people’s homes and killed dozens of Americans in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Mississippi, the President quietly declared the area the disaster, and made no speeches and brought no attention to the plight of the suffering. Seagulls matter, southerners don’t.

New Orleans is home to jazz and some of the greatest blues singers known to mankind; it’s the birthplace of one of America’s greatest musical institutions and a place that has not only welcomed but elevated countless African American entertainers.

Tennessee is home to Nashville and that twangy, woman-hating, dog loving country music that is the blight of America’s entertainment industry and an embarrassment to the nation as a whole; a musical genre that can count on one hand how many black folk have ever been welcomed to the alleged art and an area as a whole that reveres the Klan more than diversity. That’s how elites see it. It’s no contest; New Orleans and Haiti suffers because of America, Tennessee suffers because it deserves to.

Prior to its earthquake, Haiti was a wasteland of corruption, poverty and despair and a symbolic message to the world of wasted potential. Think of what Haiti could be if its people worked for it and demanded it; an island destination in one of the most beautiful, atmospherically perfect places on earth; yet they piss it away generation after generation. After the earthquake, it’s the exact same, just with more rubble. Big loss.

Prior to the floods, Tennessee was a destination and a thriving, beautiful state with everything from the most visited National Park in America (the Smoky Mountains), to the Grand Ole Opry, to some of the most amazing waterfalls on the planet. After the floods, Tennessee, unlike Haiti and New Orleans, will rebuild itself. They will proudly work harder than anyone else in America to get back, on their own, what they rightfully have earned and built. And somehow, no doubt, they will be mocked for it. We will find a way as a nation to ridicule the hard working achievers who rise and rest each day with pride, while we will simultaneously revere those who desperately suck every last ounce of charity and hard work out of the rest of us.

Give your money to Haiti; I’m sure the despicable despot who runs the country will enjoy using it to smoke a Cuban cigar in his castle. My money is going to Tennessee because they’ve earned it.