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August 23rd, 2010


Two new polls released last week show that more and more Americans are questioning the religious faith of President Barack Obama. While scandalous emails and cries of “he’s a Muslim,” were commonplace during the campaign in 2008, nearly 20 months into the presidency of Obama, more Americans now say they believe he’s a Muslim; in other words, the more America gets to know the guy, the less they believe him.


For the record, I remind you that despite not supporting the Obama run for office, I shouted from the highest mountaintop in defense of his Christianity and citizenship and I stand by that defense today. As I have said numerous times, better to criticize the man for his provably anti-American policies than to use un-provable personal attacks as a way to demean him.

It is, however, understandable why a growing number of Americans are questioning the president’s faith:

- Despite campaign promises to the contrary, he has never chosen a church in Washington D.C. and does not attend weekly services; he plays golf on Sunday mornings.

- He spent the first year of his presidency touring the globe to apologize for America and its behavior, specifically many times to Muslims. In his famous Cairo speech he referred to the Muslim call for prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth.”

- He has missed both Christian National Days for Prayers during his presidency.

- He came out, clumsily, in support of building a mosque at Ground Zero

- He grew up in Indonesia where he famously attended Koran study classes in elementary school.

- His Attorney General famously refused to cite Radical Islam as the driving factor behind terrorism.

- His administration has banned the phrase “war on terrorism.”

- He and his administration have behaved, publicly, in a very timid manner towards Islamic attacks and extremists; from his tepid reaction to the Fort Hood massacre to his idiotic attempt to try the 9/11 hijackers in New York, describing his public policy towards terrorism as “curious,” would be generous.

Many of these things, on their own, are defensible; Ronald Regan rarely attended church, for example, yet was never branded as non-Christian.

It is the totality of Obama’s behavior, coupled with the dreadful economy (which simply makes people more cranky than usual), and the annoying little fact of Obama’s skin color and goofy sounding name that combine to explain why 1 out of every 5 Americans, in two separate surveys, now believe Obama is a Muslim.

More disturbing to the president, despite claims to the contrary, are the facts that large numbers of Democrats and Independents are amongst those questioning his faith; it ain’t just the Tea Party, folks.

To be fair, there are all sorts of goofy things that 20% of Americans believe in, that have either been proven false or never proven true; UFO’s, Astrology, and ghosts just to name a few. Christ, half of this nation still believes in the proven fraud of man-made global warming.

My concern is far deeper than whether or not the President is part of a vast conspiracy centered on his secret Muslim faith (which I don’t believe for a second). I am also not concerned with why the American public, in growing numbers, is convinced Obama is Muslim; I’ve outlined a series of explainable reasons why some people might reach such a conclusion. Others simply claim the American people are just plain stupid.

My concern is our reaction; or lack thereof, to what we apparently perceive to be true.

No one is talking about the fundamental disconnect between what the American people say they believe and their total apathy towards the horrifying ramifications of it if it were true. Think about it for just a moment; 1out of every 5 people believes that the leader of our country lied to us about his religion and is, in fact, of the very faith that has declared war upon us? Where are the marches in the street, the calls for investigations and impeachment, the sheer outcry? Nowhere to be found, is the answer, and that is what I find most troubling about all of this.

America has either become totally apathetic, lazy and complacent or feels so completely disconnected from their political leaders that they feel they have no power; either way, we are in a world of hurt.

In a nation of 320 million people, more than 60 million of us apparently believe that our president is a Muslim and no one is saying or doing anything about it. This, of course, belies the loud town halls over health care, the Tea Party rallies across the nation and the marches over immigration reform of the past few years. Or does it?

We have seen and been told that America is more politically active than it has been in decades; and that seems to be true; more and more people seem to be paying attention to the issues and getting involved on all levels, yet there is no firestorm over the Muslim presidency; why is that? Could it be that the fire is already fading from the belly of the American? After all, despite endless rallies, town hall meetings and overwhelming polls against it, the Health Care bill passed. Despite endless calls for immigration reform, nothing has been done. Despite hundreds of Tea Party rallies across the nation voicing clear displeasure with the direction of our nation and polls and disapproval ratings to back those sentiments up, forward on the president marches.

Perhaps America has reached the point where it feels left out and incapable of affecting real change any longer; (that didn’t last long by the way).

Maybe I’m wrong; but if I am, how then do we explain the disconnect of 20% of us believing that the fox is guarding the hen house and doing nothing about it? Regardless of the explanation, the answer is clear; the problem with the Obama presidency isn’t Obama, it’s the American people.